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MDS Management Service

MDS Managment Service is provided to assist a facility in processing MDS Forms. Persay’s MDS Staff acting as second set of eyes comparing a soft chart to the actual MDS before submission, will attempt to mitigate documentation, inconsistencies, and continuity errors. If possible, Persay’s MDS staff will make recommendations based upon the latest Federal and State interpretations of the MDS form. details

Remote Office Service

Remote Office Services is provided to assist a facility in handling day to day processes either full time or as needed to cover a missing employee. details

Medicaid Billing Service

Medicaid Billing is processed weekly or semi monthly as per the facility requirements. Medicaid typically pays by the 5th working day after the claims have been sent. details

Medicare A & B Billing Service

Medicare A & B Billing is processed Monthly for the Previous Month after all information is received. Medicare typically pays 14 days after all the information is posted to Medicare. details