Payroll Service

Persay’s CLARK‑IT™ application provides a complete payroll service to include:

  • Payroll Access Control is assigned by the job roll in the company and gives Management very fine grain control
    • Payroll Master Control
    • Check Printing
    • Approve Raise Requests
    • Enter Raise Request
    • Time Card Entry
  • All payroll reporting which requires retention for audits have scan points, to retain the fully signed document.
    • Many times after an adjustment or new entry is made, CLARK‑IT™ will automatically generate a form for the employee to sign. On pay day for example, CLARK‑IT™ automatically generates the appropriate management information form to be signed by the employee, upon receiving the check.
    • Each of these forms is bar coded so that after signing, CLARK‑IT™ will file the image automatically in the correct place, keeping clerical time to a minimum.
  • All Raises and Evaluations are kept on line. You can use CLARK‑IT™’s provided form, or use one of your own. CLARK‑IT™ has a place to scan all the information associated with each raise. Raises can be as simple as placing the raise on an employee directly, or can have a more corporate path:
    • Request the raise – In Facility
    • Review the Raise with comments – Regional Office
    • Approve the Raise – Central Office

    as three individual steps. Each step can be preformed in separate locations because of CLARK‑IT™ virtual network and all documents on line.

  • Payroll Check Printing: Because of CLARK‑IT™’s virtual network, this allows the Company to choose an employee at any location on the network to print checks. In case the Company wishes multiple people to have this job roll, CLARK‑IT™ has all the interlocks to prevent duplicate check printing.
  • CLARK‑IT™ processes w-2 and required electronic submissions, automatically
  • Payroll is fully networked, so Central Office has real time access to all the information as do outside services such as CPA’s, to file government reports. Each person or group is limited to viewing / editing by the job roll assigned to them.

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