Tickle Report

MDS Tickle Report

  • As part of the integrated Account Receivable CLARKIT‑IT™ is able to advise you not only when the next scheduled MDS is required but also its format, automatically.
  • This information is available for Nursing and Management simultaneously.
  • CLARK‑IT’s™ Tickle report includes MDS’s which are required to fulfill Nursing requirements and extra MDS’s which are required only for billing purposes.
  • CLARK‑IT’s™ Tickle report clearly gives management the current status of all MDSs and LTCMI forms being processed, real time
  • Notice on the sample report the Late Create, for example, is telling the Management that these MDS’s should be created and in the process of being filed… yet they have not.
  • Notice on the sample report LTC_MI’s are not yet accepted.