Persay CLARK‑IT™ Software, while Linux based runs seamlessly on MicroSoft’s Window Products. This section describe the setup procedures required to make this happen. To enlarge each image click on it as required.

Persay’s staff will walk your IT department through all the steps required to install Persay’s hardware in your network to run CLARK‑IT™ Software and any questions regarding Oracle’s VirtualBox Software.

Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Download for free the Open Source Enterprise Version of Oracle’s VirtualBox directly from Oracle’s Web Site
  2. After installing, click on the VirtualBox Desktop Icon to start the VirtualBox Application.
  3. Customize the Virtual Machine for Persay CLARK‑IT™ Software.
  4. Add USB Devices as required for Scanner or NFC Time Card Badge
  5. Initial Boot of the System
  6. Setup DeskTop Icons for Fast System Starts
  7. How to Power Down the System