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Persay’s suite of tools were developed in Long Term Care Nursing Facility production environments and have shown documented revenue improvements from key metrics of SNF management, such as A/R days outstanding; first time approval of submitted claims; and decrease in dropped / attested MDS’s submissions. Persay’s suite of tools also include time saving features like Doctor Orders and MDS Care Plans.

Persay’s suite of tools acts as a communication company to solve facility intrinsic system problems by joining just the right consultant to educate an employee at the moment the topic needs discussed, as if the consultant was actually part of the facility’s staff. Management tracks this communication either by directly reviewing the employee / consultant logs (as in spot checking) or by a request directly from the employee / consultant via email, in a cost effective way.

CLARK‑IT™, Persay’s Software Tool, is designed in modules so you can purchase only what you need, for example, Account Receivable / Insurance Processing. Then later, you can choose to purchase another service such as an Automated MDS Tickler, MDS Service. Another service such as Payroll or, the General Ledger itself. You may pick and choose each of Persay’s Services to maximize your net revenues and improve your staff efficiency as needed.

CLARK‑IT™ Accounts Receivable offers the only financial software solution in the industry that seamlessly interfaces Billing Claims, MDS, LTCMI, Federal & State tracking forms, and MESAVE data with an optional remote Insurance Billing Service. From start to finish, CLARK‑IT™ displays the current status of each submittal, tracking its progress, without you visiting any web sites. This functionality gives you an improved visibility into the cash flow and overall bottom line financially.

CLARK‑IT™ Accounts Payable processing keeps a scanned copy of all invoices on-line improving facility clerical staff efficiency and providing an invoice validation step by a second person in-house or Persay’s Remote Office Service, before releasing any invoice into check cutting.

CLARK‑IT™ Payroll Service provides a full color RFID photo name badge, with a NFC reader to keep clerical staff time usage to a minimum. For management controls upon each time card read registered by the NFC reader, a photo is taken of the employee, and if needed a visual / auditory “please visit the office” notification, is announced. CLARK‑IT™ automates many of the management routine check and balances such as: a missing clock entry, in or out, automatically triggers the “please visit the office” notification and improper lunch or overtime utilization automatically flags the employee account. CLARK‑IT™ provides an interactive Time Card Analysis Report from which you can zero in on employees who are ‘running the clock’ as well as a Dashboard which reports all variances. A payroll period cannot be closed until all notifications and errors are resolved ensuring its accuracy.

CLARK‑IT™ General Ledger postings are entirely automated, giving you a real time G/L. Since CLARK‑IT™ has all subsidiary ledger target documents on-line, a complete audit can be performed by simply clicking, drilling down from the G/L, through the subsidiary ledger to the target document which caused the entry, seamlessly.

CLARK‑IT™’s client server style using industry standards of role based access and second level passwords with Persay’s Virtual Private Network allows not just a user in a Department / Front Office / Regional Office / Central Office, but also a user in an outside service such as CPA / Cost Reporting Consultant / Third Party Biller, to only access the data permitted by the user’s role in the company’s operation, where ever the user may physically be located, in harmony with all Federal and State regulations.

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