MDS Service

Persay’s CLARK‑IT™ application provides a complete MDS Service to include:

  • MDS Tickler to Ensure:
    • The Facility Staff has filed the correct form.
    • That the Form was filed timely, avoiding default payments.
    • That Management and the Nursing staff can track the complete processing cycle the MDS / LTCMI forms.
  • Dash Board to show:
    • The Actual Dates the form was filed.
    • The RUG rate change with daily rate change.
  • Persay’s MDS Management Service:
    • To assist Management in knowing real time the status of their MDS processing.
    • To compare a soft chart, scanned into CLARK‑IT™, to the MDS filed with the Governing Authority, mitigating documentation, inconsistencies and continuity errors.
    • To offer recommendations to Management based upon the latest Federal and State interpretations of the MDS form.
  • Facility Management:
    • In real time can see the status of any MDS or LTCMI
    • Will know before the billing cycle has started the rate changes from any MDS submitted.
  • Care Plans:
    • Each MDS has interactive Trigger / Care Plan checker to ensure each MDS Trigger is covered in Care Plans
    • Is an Optional integrated Module in the MDS package or can be used independently

A walk through of CLARK‑IT™ Implementation of MDS utilization starts with clicking on the apply button on the main menu with the MDS 3 button highlighted:

CLARK‑IT™ automatically pushes and retrieves all transmissions to all Federal and State Agencies so the Facility Staff can concentrate on patient care, with real time management status reporting of exactly where in the process each MDS and LTCMI form stands.

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