Persay is focused on improving the revenue cycle management process for Long Term Care Nursing Facilities, SNF, and other Health Care Facilities. Persay is committed to providing a suite of integrated financial software tools and services to accomplish this task.

Persay’s professional staff brings to a facility just the right professional person to do just the required task, as if Persay’s staff were the facility’s staff. Persay understands to be successful we will have to be innovative and adjust, providing just what is needed:

  • as filling in for a vacationing employee
  • as a second set of eyes to prevent a dropped claim or duplicate posting
  • or as a full time remote office

Persay is a conservative company looking to maintain a high level of efficiency to reduce overhead and stay price competitive in our market.

As a company, Persay seeks perfection with the understanding this is an imperfect business. Persay has made the commitment to its customers that it is 100% committed to every project, every product, and every service, meaning that at the end of the day, Persay will ensure its customers are satisfied.